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Matt Eveland is a 2013 World Long Drive Championship competitor. How long is Matt? You'll have to come to the World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite, NV September 23rd-27th to find out!

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Here is a link to a recent newspaper article regarding Matt and his quest for a 2013 World Long Drive Championship title.


AUGUST 28, 2013 - Some of you may know that I did go down to Utah last week and drove through Mesquite, the site of the World Finals in September. I was able to hit some drives in similar conditions to what I will be competing in. Funny story, I went into the pro shop and went up to the pro behind the counter and asked for some range tokens. I then ask him how long is your driving range, he replies "long enough". So I reply "okay, just making sure, so are we talking about 400"? He chuckles and says no it is about 340, plenty long. I don't think he was to sure about me as he felt confident I would not hit it out of the range. When I get down to the range I see at the end all of their tractors parked and a couple of cars to the right. I start my warm up with some irons and then bust out the big boys. I am sure you can imagine what happened next...I did not break any windows or hit any of the cars but the tractors were not safe! They finally sent the marshal out to see what was going on, in all fairness I tried to warn him but as he said the driving range was long enough.

Last Thursday I was playing in Merchants league and on 14 hit a bomb down the right side. It caught the ruff about 2 yards off the fairway and continued to roll out in the ruff. Even though it did not hit the short grass it still managed to get inside the 125 yard marker. For those of you who are not to familiar with the course that is a 400 yard drive! I feel confident that I will be able to manage some big numbers in Mesquite.

Upcoming event: On September 14th we will be hosting a long drive tournament at the Cedars at Dungeness sponsored by the 7 Cedar Resorts with an added $500 to the pot. Registration is $50 to join the competition and we are paying out 100% of the comp fees. Viewers are welcome and if you think you have what it takes to be a competitor come try your luck. We will have 2 women divisions, 2 mens divisions and a junior division and yes I will be competing in the event.

Once again I would like to thank all of my sponsors and friends who have supported me as of yet. Of course my wonderfully supportive wife, James Alcaraz of www.realestateinsequim.com who has been there since before day one, Jerry Allen and the 7 Cedars for their generosity and support, Kurt Anderson of DA Davidson and everyone else who has shown interest and support in me doing well in this venture.


AUGUST 11, 2013 - Yesterday I competed in my first NW long drive tour event. It was a successful day because I made it into the finals. It was nice to go out and compete with good competition before Mesquite. I posted a 350 in the final round to finish 3rd and in the money. 2nd was 355 and 1st was ex UW and NFL LB Cam Cleeland with a 359.

Yesterday was my first time hitting my new Krank Formula 5 drivers. I hit them fairly well but during the event I was unable to catch it flush on the face, so overall I was happy with a 350 cut shot! If I straighten it out it would have been 365+. Oh yeah and that was driving up hill as well. I am very confident I will get my 360+ average by the end of the month. I was not sure I would even be able to compete yesterday because on Wednesday I popped 3 ribs out in my back. On Thursday I could hardly walk and it is still very tender and sore, that is the main reason I was unable to turn though the ball as normal.

Next week I will be in Utah only 50 minutes away from Mesquite. It will be nice to have the opportunity to hit some drives at that elevation and see what the ball will be doing. Check back to see how it was.


AUGUST 6, 2013 - Yesterday I hit balls all day on hole 15 at TPC Snoqualmie, where they will be hosting the Champions tour in 2 weeks. I was hitting some bombs up to 370 on average I was still about 350. My new Krank Formula 5 drivers will be in on Thursday and I will be setting them up. I have 3 different 3X shafts that I will be testing out to see what will give me the best shot. I hope to improve my 350 average to a consistent 360 with bombs up to 380. These drivers are the hottest on the market and I am very confident that I can get there. I will let you know how I am hitting them when they get here.

A few things that I have been doing to improve yardage and are also some things that you can do at home are; Stretches, with more range and a bigger turn I am able to get the club farther back and with improved flexibility I can comfortably get the club back on the ball while staying on line. Next I have been doing lots of reps everyday with 25lb weights. I keep the weights light so that I am not building up to much muscle but I am training the muscles for more stamina and quicker motions. Lifts consist mainly of curls, military press, squats lounges and the ones that I feel are most important is a rip from one side of the body to the other as fast as a can (without pulling a muscle), I will do about 20 of those from inside to out and then another 20 from outside to in and then switch arm. It is important that when you practice for lifts and stretches that you do them evenly on both sides of your body. Lastly something that helps me hit the ball great is concentration and staying loose, this is simple to do knowing that I have James Alcaraz and www.RealEstateInSequim.com by my side. When I get up to hit the ball I know that if I need to buy or sell real estate that I have the best and that is a huge stress relief :)

Saturday I will be taking my new drivers and techniques and putting them to the test as I compete in the NW Long Drive Tour. The event will be at Snohomish Golf Course on the first hole for a prize of $1000 for first and $500 for second. The grid is only about 40 yards wide which I believe will give me the advantage as I have proven to be one of the more accurate long drivers. I will be sure to let you know how I do, hopefully you will see a picture of me holding a large check!!!

Once again I would like to thank my sponsors James Alcaraz and 7 Cedars Resort. Without Jerry Allen and the resort this would not all be possible, from sending me to the Detlef tournament where I was discovered to the generous sponsor and purchase of my new equipment. A very special thank you!!!


AUGUST 3, 2013 - Thank you to James Alcaraz and www.RealEstateInSequim.com for being my first sponsor and for creating and hosting this website. I'd also like to thank Jerry Allen and the 7 Cedars Casino for my new drivers (Krank Formula 5 - 4 degree/5 degree/6 degree loft with a 50 inch 3X stiff Fujikura shaft & 2 House of Forged LT2 3X shafts) that are ordered and on their way. I am really excited and looking forward to getting longer off of the tee. I hit the ball well today with my current drivers. When I hit my new drivers, I'll let you know how I do. I am saving the best for last, I want to thank my beautiful wife Jenna for all of her support and encouragement on my journey to become the 2013 World Long Drive Champion.